Withernsea Outfall PSTN

Yorkshire Water have commenced work on their replacement long sea outfall for their Withernsea Wastewater Treatment Works which is located off Holmpton Road near Hollymthe and involves the installation of a temporary pump station at the outfall chamber of the existing Withernsea WWTW.

Currently the Outfall Chamber acts as a header tank for the existing long sea outflow pipe which is failing and is being replaced by a new Long Sea Outfall pipe. The new Long Sea Outfall pipe is being constructed for a new wastewater treatment plant not currently constructed.

The temporary pump station will pump effluent and overflow storm water from the Outfall Chamber to the new Long Sea Outfall pipe for discharge to sea. The existing Long Sea Outfall will be decommissioned upon the commissioning of the temporary pump station. It is estimated that the Outfall Chamber Pump Station will operate for approximately 3 years.

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