Don Valley Pump Station

Don Valley Pump Station is located at the Inlet Works to the Blackburn Meadows STW. The pump station is within a wet well sump that is divided into two halves. The pump hall is located in the dry-well section of the pump station. Each half of the sump and pump hall are a mirror image of the other and are designed to function with one half operational and one half isolated. The pumps are installed in a vertical configuration, with one large, one medium and one small pump per sump. The largest pump has a duty of 2000 l/ s at 26m head driven by 645kW 6.6kV motors. The medium pumps operate at 1500 l/s at 27.4m head powered by 505kW 6.6kV motors. The smallest pumps run at 850 l/s at a head of 28.4m from 300kW 6.6 kV motors.

In the dry-well pump hall there are also various instrument installations, safety equipment, utility services and material handling equipment.

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